12/01/15: Rayonier Advanced Materials Announces New Contract With Eastman Chemical—shares open higher, eventually close gap

NewsHedge Alert: 8:59:15am    Ticker: RYAM

Alert Price: $12.24     Change: – 7.27% within 2-hours


Catalyst: (early morning news release) Business Wire press release states that Rayonier and Eastman Chemical have settled their legal dispute and entered into a new cellulose specialties purchase and sale agreement that extends through December 31, 2019. Shares open higher to then sell off through the morning session.


12/01/15: ZACKS Report Mentions Positive Trading News Regarding Vince Holding Corp —shares drift higher

NewsHedge Alert: 8:55:23am    Ticker: VNCE

Alert Price: $5.24     Change: + 10.69% by market close, + 25.95% by next day’s close


Catalyst: (published report) Zacks Equity Research published a positive report about Vince Holding Corp.—share slowly drift higher. Mid-day, InsiderMonkey.com published an article about Hedge Funds buying up shares of VNCE—stock continues to push higher.




Patent Issued To NewsHedge.com For Distributing Structured Financial Data

PRESS RELEASE: November 22, 2015

NewsHedge.com, a Chicago-based startup developing new methods for delivering financial market information to professionals, announced today that it has been issued U.S. Patent No. 9,135,662. The patent, “Method And System For Communicating Financial News,” outlines methods pertaining to automated voice reporting, structuring customized news headlines, and graphically representing financial news on a user device.

“It’s no secret that structured data is the future of Wall Street, and making decisions quickly is key,” said Kevin Evenhouse, NewsHedge founder and CEO. “Our methods deliver structured data in the formats its been proven human beings react to fastest—visually and audibly.”

After extensive research and development, the NewsHedge team is excited to formally introduce its new media solutions to the world. NewsHedge believes its technology will soon become the standard used within many different types of financial applications. “Being awarded a patent is the ultimate validation for us,” said Evenhouse.

The recently issued patent, in general, covers three primary innovative methods:

Automated Voice Broadcasts: Using text-to-speech technologies, NewsHedge methods verbally reports breaking news, number releases, social trends, and notable trading events among thousands of other possibilities.

Customized Headlines: NewsHedge methods use a combination of data sources to automatically curate, populate, and form one simple, informative headline. (E.g., “XYZ Company Replaces CEO, Shares Active on News, Trending on Twitter” This sample depicts two additional sources of information: Original News Headline + Market Data + Social Data.)

Graphical News Data: NewsHedge methods visually represent news data as graphics. Data such as news type, source, ranking, sentiment, relevance, impact, novelty, and word count, among many other possibilities, are depicted using images or a combination of shapes, colors, numbers, and/or letters.

As financial data continues to grow and expand, NewsHedge’s patented methods will play a critical role in helping traders, buy-side analysts, and hedge fund managers discover and make sense of real-time information.

NewsHedge is constantly seeking, evaluating, and engaging in licensing, joint venture, and strategic alliance opportunities. To learn more about NewsHedge products and solutions, visit www.newshedge.com or e-mail sales@newshedge.com.

11/24/15: TrueCar Finds New Auto Sales in November to Reach Monthly Record—shares jump higher

NewsHedge Alert: 1:03:52pm      Ticker: TRUE

Alert Price: $8.41     Change: + 7% by market close


Catalyst: (news) TrueCar reports Black Friday promotions bolster sales gains; industrywide incentives up 6% from last year. Shares rise as good news for TrueCar continues from yesterday’s announcement of a new CEO, Chip Perry.


11/23/15: Cabela Investors Want $60/Share In Buyout, Bidders Were Expecting Lower End of $50 Range—shares spike, then sell off

NewsHedge Alert: 1:51:55pm      Ticker: CAB

Alert Price: $47.11     Change: – 3.67% from HOD to market close


Catalyst: (news) News breaks that Cabela investors want $60/share in buyout according to Bloomberg, bidders were expecting something towards the lower end of $50 range. Share immediately move to the upside with a HOD of $48.17, then quickly retreat just above the trade price previously seen before the news broke.


11/23/15: GameStop Negatively Mentions StarWars Had High Sales Expectations That Diminished as Release Approached—Electronic Arts shares fall

NewsHedge Alert: 9:13:50am      Ticker: EA

Alert Price: $71.85     Change: – 3.96% by market close


Catalyst: (news) During a conference call with GameStop there was a mention that StarWars Battlefront had high sales expectations that quickly diminished as release approached. Shares of Electronic Arts immediately sell off.