New Text-to-Speech Technology Delivers Market-Moving Information in Real Time

PRESS RELEASE: April 7, 2015

NewsHedge officially launches April 8th, 2015 at the Benzinga FinTech Awards in New York.

NewsHedge SaaS browser app, the first product from Chicago-based fintech firm, NewsHedge, gets pertinent financial market information to trading professionals more quickly, and in an easier-to-understand way, than ever before.

“We’re flat out challenging all the traditional media methods for distributing real-time market information,” said Kevin Evenhouse, founder and CEO. “NewsHedge not only delivers market information that’s notable and relevant in real time, but it does so audibly—the method of receiving information that human beings react to fastest. We’re not giving traders one more thing to look at. We’re giving them something to listen to.”

A solution that runs as an app in a user’s desktop browser—taking up minimal screen real estate—NewsHedge is a fully automatic market scanner that uncovers and verbally broadcasts notable trading action in real time by tracking 8,000+ stocks, options, sectors, top commodities, and exchange messages.

“We combine our proprietary smart-detection algorithms with text-to-speech technology to literally tell you what’s notable and market moving,” said Evenhouse. “It simply doesn’t get any faster than this. We’ve introduced the world’s first, patent-pending, automated stock market broadcasting service that delivers information in plain English.”

Drew Dormann, co-founder and CTO, sees the HTML5 front end as a critical part of the product’s reliability and speed. “We’ve combined AJAX with compressed page updates across the entire experience to squeeze seconds from every breaking announcement,” said Dormann. “Our back-end is entirely Modern C++ through the critical path, making everything blazing fast.”

But it’s not just speed that NewsHedge delivers; it also reduces the pain of staring at multiple charts, filtering numerous newswires, and scanning endless social media streams for market-moving information. Now, traders using applications from ThinkorSwim, Fidelity, or E*Trade have another source for being alerted to trading opportunities, as they arise. Additionally, risk managers benefit similarly by monitoring real-time risk. It’s quite possibly the easiest way to track important information happening within the US markets in real time.

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